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We won't waste your time....we teach you only what you want to know.
Would you like to print to a printer attached to another computer in your home or office?

Would you like to share files on your hard drive with a second computer?

Would you like all the computers in your house to be connected to the internet?
Want to know how to power up/down your computer safely?

Would you like to create and organize files and folders?

Do you want to set up shortcuts, use the Internet, email family and friends?

Would you like to read newspapers from all over the world, shop online, find good deals and compare prices?
Would you like to be more proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint or Outlook?

Would you benefit from managing your checkbook on the computer using Quicken?

Are there accessories you have wanted to get but are not sure how they work, like digital cameras, PDAs, scanners, printers, etc?


If you find yourself saying, "If only I knew how to...." or "I could do it myself if I could just..."

Call us. We can help.